First Time at our First Contact??

                **** Read the entire post that caught your eye & Follow all the directions**** 

                                   __Keep it Simple__

I do not charge for services I provide because I am no mechanic quoting you a price  to change your brakes ....I provide time which I am getting compensation for,  so dont ask whats its gonna cost for you to sneeze, hell i dont know how long you might sneeze....Get it???

    Don't send over screening and expect it to be completed and me ready when you sent it over 15 min ago and I'm in the grocery store ----and its 10 pm on a Friday night.  Think about it for a minute and I'm sure i dont have to spell it out for you.

     If you have visited before, do not haggle, negotiate, be early or be late....Yes I am a people pleaser but I am no door mat....there are others you can go to .but these are NONOs with me .  

    I truely appreciate all the wonderful gentlemen that understand and respect these simple things...that provide all asked criteria up front with out complaints, questions or excuses. Makes me wettt thinking about it....

***NO last minute bookings for new friends without a deposit...I'm not dealing with wasting my time to get ready, energy getting ready to be cancelled on after rushing screening and preparing ....****Sorry that experience has made these rules stricter ***I cannot stand wasting my time I cannot get it back....***

Please be respectful___always be a gentleman____ Your kindness, generosity, and chivalry will be appreciated and rewarded.

  • New Amazing friends, please do not text or call until I have received yourcomplete screening info!!.
  • The tributes and donations listed are for my time & companionship only!!   
  • Advanced booking is greatly appreciated and highly recommended
  • I do not answer random texts (Hey! or Available?) if you are not in my phone-book.  you havent tried to book so keep trying until you get it  right ...

  •  Please do not over stay our visit! If you would like to extend our time, please ask me if I have additional time available and provide additional donations for the time you would like to spend. 
  • No extra  gratuities are ever expected, but you getting a token of appreciation is always welcome!!   
  •  Girls just wanna have Funds, Fun and Bling!!


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